We see ourselves and our work as the lighter for your creativity. It is your business and we will elevate it to its best and make sure that you have all the creative input that you need to create a successful business.



We at Elite Vivant only take on project were clients fit our client profile and where we have expertise to deliver. We always strive to deliver a service that is true to us and serves our potential clients optimally.



The team of entrepreneurs at Elite Vivant have experience in many areas and can deliver true knowledge to your brand. We are continuous learners and share our knowledge and experience to build a foundation for your successful business.



We at Elite Vivant stand behind our service and we deliver results based on project timelines. There is no ( I ) in Team. We work together, listen to your goals, determine your needs and set a plan to execute effectively. Your success is our success and we strive for the best results.

The Elite Vivant Group

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No need to hire several people to piece together your business or brand. The Elite Vivant group is here from start to finish as a stress reliever helping you create something amazing.

Branding • Rebranding The Foundation

Set the stage for your success or eliminate what didn’t work with something better

Web Development Important Appearance

The customer expectations have risen. Gone are the days of Do-It-Yourself. Without professional help your website can’t compete.

Marketing • Research Why should you do it?

You need to ask the right questions in order to build your success. Yes you have identified your target market but the next and most important step is reaching them.

Project Managing Execution, Execution!

You can’t do it all yourself. And engineers can’t do project management. They want to build the “Perfect” solution, and there will never be a product in the market.

One on One Coaching Be all you can be

If you are about to pitch investors, publically speak, or present to customers, these are skills we are not born with. Proper coaching can lift you into another class and success only comes to those who are prepared.

Customer relationship They are your Boss

Your customers make or break the company. Hit and Run strategies might give you initial sales success but a bad long-term strategy. You need solid plan on customer acquisition and customer maintenance. Happy customers are free advertising!